Simmons Name Appears on Arkansas’ Tallest Building

The new logo of Simmons First National Bank appeared over the weekend on the south side of Arkansas’ tallest building in Little Rock, an installation timed specifically so that a photo of the high-profile branding could be shown at the Simmons First National Corp. annual shareholders meeting Tuesday night at the Pine Bluff Convention Center.

The dinner meeting hosted by the company’s new CEO, George Makris Jr., was mostly perfunctory, without the fanfare of last year’s final production under retiring CEO J. Thomas May. The Simmons First Foundation, the creation of which was announced at last year’s meeting, revealed the first two recipients of the Tommy May Make-A-Difference grants: $25,000 to Juvenile Court Judge Ernest E. Brown’s “Family Engagement Program” and $22,910 to the Boys & Girls Club of Jefferson County.

New branding was evident in videos shown to the audience and in the new signage on the 40-story Simmons Tower, which was the Metropolitan Tower until Simmons acquired Metropolitan National Bank last fall. The corporate name and the official name of the flagship bank still contain the words “First National,” and the logo still has a “1” across the “S,” but new branch-level signage says only “Simmons Bank.”

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