Leadership Development for Better Client Service

Terrance “Terry” Hill of Leading Edge Development awarded Nick Kelley a certificate for completion of the course “Effective Personal Productivity.” The 9-week course is designed to increase productivity by evaluating and making productive behavioral changes, setting goals, dealing with interruptions, and determining priorities.

Hank Kelley with Terrance Hill and Nicholas Kelley


Hill said, “Nick is a diligent, honest, and eager student with an empathetic character that is critical in a leader.”

“The commercial real estate business is multi-faceted, fast-paced, and demanding,” says Nick Kelley, executive vice president and partner at Kelley Commercial Partners. Even with years of experience as a real estate attorney, Kelley says the industry is complicated and changes constantly. “I consider myself to be a life-long student of self-improvement. This program equipped me with new tools to provide better service to my clients and to be a better leader to our team.”

Leading Edge Development is a franchise of Leadership Management International, Inc. a company dedicated to leadership development for individuals and organizations. The company now reaches more than 80 countries and offers programs in more than 25 different languages. Mr. Hill has been teaching leadership development for 28 years.