Arkansas Business 2014 Power List

Congratulations to Hank Kelley and John Flake for making the Arkansas Business 2014 Power List. The Arkansas Business Power List debuted in 2006 and is updated in the pages of Arkansas Business every three years. It is a useful compendium of the people who are running the largest business, professional and nonprofit entities in the state. Search the Power List by industry category and read profiles to learn about the most powerful people in Arkansas.

Hank Kelley has helped amass and oversees more than 5.2 million SF of commercial space, one of the largest commercial property portfolios in Arkansas.

Perhaps his most recognized works are the tech-related developments for Acxiom and Arkansas Systems in west Little Rock. He became a 2012 member of the Counselors of Real Estate, a professionally prestigious invite.

Kelley started his climb with appraising work followed by an associate partnership at Barnes Quinn Flake & Anderson.

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John Flake made his reputation as a deal-maker with a string of apartments, office buildings, medical space and retail projects primarily in Arkansas.

He was a leading player in making the tallest office building in Arkansas happen: the 40-story Simmons Tower in downtown Little Rock, which opened in 1986 as Capitol Tower and later was called TCBY Tower and Metropolitan National Bank Building. He established Flake & Co. in 1979, the foundational firm of today’s Flake & Kelley Commercial.

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